2013-08-04 Cycle Messenger World Championships { 133 images } Created 4 Aug 2013

Pictures from the Cycle Messenger World Championships held in Lausanne, Switzerland. Started in 1993 by Achim Beier from Berlin, the championships are not only a sporting contest but an opportunity to unite friends and bicycle enthusiasts worldwide. The event comprises a number of challenges including a sprint, a track stand (longest time stationary on the bike), a cargo race where heavy loads are carried on special bikes, and the main race. The course winds through central Lausanne and includes bridges, stairs, cobbles, narrow alleyways and challenging hills. The main race simulates the job of a bike courier making numerous drops and pickups across the city. Riders need to check in at specific checkpoints, hand over their delivery and get a new one. The main race can take up to 4 hours for each competitor to complete.
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